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Storm shelters save lives! 2011 was a record year for tornadoes in Mississippi.  From January 1st through September 30, there were 94 tornadoes in the state, with 174 confirmed injuries.  This included a record-breaking 67 tornadoes in the month of April alone.  Of the 94 storms, 28 were strong or violent (categorized as EF2 to EF5).

Tornadoes strike quickly and usually give very little warning. They usually cause widespread property damage and are very dangerous to persons on the ground.  The key to surviving any tornado is to be prepared.


The best protection against a tornado is a well-built building with a good basement.  If a basement isn’t available, an inner room, such as a bathroom or closet, is another option.  A far better option; however, is a storm shelter from Macon Septic Systems.


Based in Macon, Mississippi, Macon Septic Systems has been providing quality pre-cast concrete products for over 40 years.  Our goal is your safety during a STORM:


 We are here to help provide protection and Safety for you and your family.  Our precast concrete storm shelters are made with 4000 p.s.i. concrete and reinforced with 6 ga. wire mesh.  The storm shelter door is double plated steel and equipped with three heavy-duty hinges and three latches.


 Our storm shelters offer protection during hurricane and Tornado season.


  Macon Septic Systems gives you Options that can be tailored to best meet your specific needs.  They can also be installed inside a house as a “safe room”.  Our “above-ground” shelter is wheelchair accessible, and our shelters are approved for up to 13 occupants. Call today to discuss shelter types and sizes and to receive a free quote on a shelter that meets your needs.


  Our storm shelters meet or exceed all Requirements of FEMA 320 and ICC 500


  Our storm shelters are built right here in Macon, Mississippi.  We are a local business, and we will be here to answer your questions and meet your needs for years to come.  Because we manufacture and sell, our shelters are consistently cheaper than others offered in the area. We deliver and install storm shelters in Mississippi and Alabama.  Buy direct and save!





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